Thursday, 22 May 2014

Life, What Does it Means?


We born, we laugh, we cry. We talked, we get angry and we forgive. All in one circle, over and over again. It keeps on and on, a neverending circle of life. So, what is life, really?

Is it when we wake up every morning feeling alive?
Is it when we saw the world for the very first time, coming out from someone's womb that we soon call mom?
Is it when we reached enlightenment, the one phase in life where someone feel as if they have been wrong the whole time and in that precise moment being reborn with new thoughts and all?
Is it when we know someone and that someone blow our mind with what he/she think of things?
Is it when we help people in need and that we feel happy when people are happy too?
Is it when we love someone that much till our heart explodes?
Is it when we touch things? Is it when we feel things?
Is it when we feel the first grasp of the one we made inside us?
Is it when we are on the verge of our death and all those memories of being living comes flashing back on us?

The greatest question in life remains, what makes us live? What makes u think that we are not in a dream where we feel that we are alive when we are not?
What if actually we all stuck in one big ball, where we are bound to be exactly the same as everybody else?
Where we have no right to be different?
In the meantime, eventhough it is so wrong, it felt right coz that is what everybody has been doing..

So, what is life, really?
Have you figured out your answer? Or you just prefer to enjoy your life as you can and not think the big meaning behind it? Whatever you choose to be or to think, whatever it is, make sure you won't regret it.. coz if you do regret it, then you just waste your life waiting for answer or when you know it, the answer might be hidden just in the palm of your hand, waiting for you to figure it out..

or maybe, you are the life itself.
You, being here, is called alive and that is life itself...