Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Think too much

Need a place to run.

I just reach the age of 24 this September and I already questioned myself, why the hell  do I change? Why did I change into someone I hate? I hate giving bullshit, I hate being fake, I hate to speak out of my proportion, I hate being hated, and I hate to talk about people behind their back.

But, look at me now. I speak occasionally about others, I easily give promises and then break it again, I run into problems in cause of what I said, I even think too much of things. What am I turning to? I get easily disgusted and I get annoyed at things. I hate these kind of things. I hate not being able to be talk serious about things, I hate to talk cheesy at times, I hate being someone that people can't count on. I hate it.

Why do I change? What for? How come?