Sunday, 17 August 2014

Review of The Day :: The Expendables 3

Okay, so now we are back with the third installment of Sylvester Stallone and friends' movie, The Expendables 3. If you think you have seen enough person in the first and the second, prepare yourself to see more of them, with addition of young ones, such as Kellan Lutz and Ronda Rousey, etc. Well, you can't expect me to remember all the names, right?

Most of the movie, as usual, is filled with blood here and there, boom boom explosions and neither of these guys receive serious injury (well, except for Terry Crews, who went disappear in the rest of the movie due to his being shot twice, and still alive!) despite having bombarded by lots of ammunitions. I mean, really guys, these guys have no scratch or whatsoever in their face, or even when they do, it doesn't leave any mark. Talkin' about heroes!

One of my most favorite moment of the movie is the coming back of Wesley Snipes. Loved him back in the days of Blade, and couldn't be happier to see that his act and skills are one of the most awaited performance. This might be one of the best moment he got after so many years releasing himself from the Blades' image, and he totally did it. You go, Snipes!

Back to the story, the plot itself is great, I mean, having someone who was in your team, turned dark and fighting with you instead is cool, but they are not really living up to the expectation. They are too focused on their own circle and appearance that the story become blur at some point in the movie. At one point, I can't even remember who the hell is the bad guy, why he went bad and why is this guy receive special treatment and back-up from the military while the government is tracing him for war crimes....

The effect sucks. I can see the background clearly, it's like watching Indonesian movie where the background is blue (or even white, at some extent) and the casts pretending to drive their car while talking. I mean, as in Hollywood movies, you guys are supposedly do these things better than us! Amazed us, you know, the usual Hollywood excitement and stuff. But I can't find it in this one. The punchlines are also weird at some scenes, maybe it's just me but sometimes the jokes are too cold to be laughed at and the lines are being read out too slow (note the way Stallone and Schwarzenegger talks, even Ford, but Ford is much better than those two, eventhough he's old himself and having a slight problem reciting the lines, but he's alright).

The last problem is that most of my friends said they already watch this movie on DVD. Well, piracy is a crime, but mostly, we never saw this coming from Hollywood. In Indonesia, this is a usual crime, but for The Expendables 3 to be available HD on DVD first rather than watching it first on XXI is really shocking. Thought it might be bloopers or something, but it turned out affects the screening as well, so I think this has got to be true.

As true as it is, this movie serves every single heroes I want to be cooperated in one movie. Poor bad guy though, to be fighting 10 un-scratch-able heroes while he is on his own. Poor guy, really. But, yeaay, great performance, Antonio Banderas, eventhough it hurts my heart that you are acting like a clown in this movie but you really leaves a mark in the heart of everyone watching, including me, Galgo.

Ah yes, the rating would be 7 / 10 if it weren't for Jet Li making his eyes big (or is it an effect) in every scene he got. Oh my God, dude, do you really have to do that?Is it just me or is it true? Which is why, I'm giving this movie 6.9 / 10

Good call, though! Hopefully we can see Jacky Chan in the next installment. Oh! and I love your pink (?) lipgloss too, Kellan. Looks great to you, but try to keep it low next time. :*

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