Monday, 27 May 2013

Review of the Day

Fast & Furious 6

Some of you might have feeling enough with all these fast cars and drama stories in this movie, but the ranking of this movie proves how much this movie still caught a lot of attention from movie watchers all over the world.
Played by Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and other main-but-not-that-main-cast, this movie once again make it to the highest blockbuster in the first week its playing. From my point of view, this series of fast cars and a bunch of handsome gentleman is getting some serious plus points since they also starred one of the brightest actor in Indonesia recently, Joe Taslim. This guy right here is what's making me curious and willing to watch this movie, famous because of The Raid Redemption movie, Joe is making his own journey in Hollywood, proudly carrying Indonesia's name in his shoulder. Not an easy task I should say, coz there are a lot of singers, entertainers, artists trying to make it out in Hollywood but failed or still  'in progress'. In this case, everything turned out differently for Joe Taslim, not only he could play with a lot of main casts and highly famous people in Fast series, but also got a chance to be 'promoted' or even a possibility to starred in a lot of other upcoming Hollywood movies. Let's pray for that to happen soon, really soon.

for the movie itself, I think it got a decent storyline, usual cliches and dramas. Apart from the fast and highly fashionable cars, the movie once again made it to the heart of movie watchers as a must-watch movie for this year. congratulation  folks, looks like you guys will be the first movie series that lasts until the seventh one, hopefully unlike the other 'seventh series' movie, Harry Potter, the producers of the movie can keep what movie watchers loves the most in every single movie of Fast & Furious: fashionable cars and lovely ladies.

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