Monday, 16 November 2015

Review of The Day:: Spectre

Ah.. it's been a while since I wrote my last movie review on this blog.. I usually put up my reviews on path lately. Social media got sooo expanded that I lost control on some of mine.. Bet you know how it feels.

So, talking about movies these days, it never got far away from ads, ads, and ads. Whether it's cars, gadgets, and Bond.. James Bond. YES, we are talking about Daniel Craig's Bond in the latest installment of the super hot agent. Despite some controversy over his confession, "rather slash his wrists" than play James Bond again and put Sony in anger mode, here we will once again be in AWE over his act as the unbeatable agent.

This time, we watch as Bond making his move in one of the biggest halloween (?) event in a country, somewhere far far away. Looks like a tropical country, and Bond was trying to catch someone, while making out with a woman at the same time (typical of Bond, as usual). It ends with a bang, some actions were just too surreal. I mean, I can literally see the green screen all over the action scene. Oh well, maybe that's just me being overreacted, I mean.. at least they could've decrease the impossible actions and rather, increasing the limit of high quality gadgets and stuff, you know..

The opening song was being carried by Sam Smith, beautiful voice, as usual, but lack of mystery like Adele's. I mean, Adele bring out the 'Bond' in her song for Skyfall movie, but Sam Smith, I don't know if his song perhaps lack in things for a 'Bond' movie, you know..

This time, Bond is faced with a post-message from the deceased M, giving him a short message about a guy linked with every villain Bond has ever conquered. Every single one is linked with an octopus (?) legs.. Why octopus? My husband asked the exact same question.. I don't really know why.. It may be because he got this ring with an octopus sign on it. Or maybe it would just look, you know, scarier that way.

Afterwards, there's also a hidden past linked between Bond and the villain. The present M is being reviewed and controlled by C, the head of privately-backed Joint Intelligence Service. C was trying to exterminate the 007 program and replacing it with a newer and advanced monitoring technology, The Nine Eyes. Any country disagree with the program would be made 'agree', by any means possible.

So, in the end, there's a correlation between the government's C and the villain, Oberhauser. The movie was trying to make Oberhauser so obvious and so shocking to look. It was like they're trying to make Oberhauser as a past kind-character now gone-bad character thing person. I may not be a big Bond fan, but this is my first time seeing Oberhauser, and I still think they made him look soooo dramatic.

Yes, he is super rich, and also super villain, but Bond is like invincible to anything. So there's this scene that shows Bond being injected with needles, on some parts of his face, like, to make him weak, forget, and stuff. But in the end, Bond still remembers (despite shows less suffer than how Oberhauser describe), and he can still standing tall, beating all those guys out there, making his way up to the helipad... Man, there's no word to describe how super human Bond was on that scene.

So, all those action scenes, lovey dovey scenes, all paid off with Bond, once again, saved the day. Oberhauser got arrested, Bond got what he want: a woman. A woman with I-dunno-what-makes-Bond-crazy-about-her, walks away with one of the greatest agent the world has ever saw. And she got him retired from the whole 007 agent program. Ah,, happy ending at last?

No. In my opinion, Bond loses to love is... weak. I mean, he made out with a bunch different woman every.single.time, beat a lot of bad guys, bosses, big bosses, government rotten agents.. to what? retire? and because of a woman? Come on man, you made out (and have sex) with Lucia Sciarra (Monica Belluci) for a 10 mins-top scene.. Dang, that's definitely not how I imagine Bond will retire.. I would prefer him to be retired because of how he respect the previous M agent and refuse any agent commanding him..

Talking about Bond, will not be complete without the wonderful, powerful gadgets. But sadly, not much gadgets to see on Spectre.. Here you got: cars, timepieces, phone and.... thats it? The more Bond becomes, the less powerful gadget he shows.. Why? Bond is linked to the gadgets sooo uniquely marked on people's heads.. But the more we see Bond lately, the lesser his gadgets being used.. I mean, come on Q (Ben Whishaw), do something about this! You're cute and all, but your brain is the most important thing for the movie, right?

Yeah, so... this will probably be edited and added if I recall things I need to review from Spectre movie. But so far, I'm giving this movie 6.5 / 10. Too many impossible scenes just... missed my expectation from a Bond movie. Especially the gadgets..

So, are you ready for the-retired-version of Bond? ... James Bond?

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