Sunday, 27 January 2013

A fragile thing

I know it's been a while since I write anything. I just think I need to take a time to reflect on myself and breathe.

I just broke up with another guy in my fast life. It's amazing how I can easily think he's not the one for me. After all we've been through, all he can said is "sip". No, I am not mad, neither I disappointed, it's just that I can't imagine I've been forcing myself to fall in love with someone who don't even fight for my well-being in his life. I really thought that he can be someone I can count on in the next future. But in reality, I just got fed up on how easy he forget every single problem and not even trying to finish it..

I got so tired to the extent that I can't remember why I even try to make this relationship work with him in the first place. In a relationship it takes a commitment of two human being, in one place and in one mind, not only one working her ass off to make this thing work..

All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop, I can't even hear and imagine the ways you use to make our relationship work, because you don't even care.. All you care is just how I should shut the fuck up about discussing problems when you don't even think of it as a problem.
Well, for your reference, when girls need to solve a problem,don't avoid it and never look away because that's when she need you the most.. Please, rather than saying she is retarded, it will be much much better if you would just hug her and say everything will be okay.

But what you did is the exact opposite.

You keep telling me about how I should think less when I try my best to do it but you don't even act like you care. All I remember is about how you said I think too much and make small problems a big ones but the fact is, it's not a simple or small problem, it is a big problem because you did nothing to finish it. You always wait for my sign and that's always the way you finish things. I feel so left-out. Am I the only one who wants this relationship to work..?
 Now you don't even seem to care anymore.. You barely message me just to say you love me and when I had enough and wanna broke up, you just say that one word and did nothing to keep me in your track... I feel useless and retarded for fighting in this relationship...

A fragile relationship.

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