Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gibberish talk

Today I went to my dentist and doin some fixing on my teeth,and honestly, i never really satisfied with my teeth,, huhuhu..and on my way home, I look into people's face in my angkot and I said to myself : "Well, people sure have different faces..

There are ugly faces, cute faces, round faces, and of sourse my face..hahaha" "But surely, some of these faces sometimes don't really fit with the nose and eyes and stuff...like, huge eyes, tiny lips and big round face..and sometimes tiny eyes, big lips and small face..whehew..i know it's bad but i really think it's funny till i have to shut my big mouth real close.." and there i am with my own mind who really can't keep me Quiet just for a second..sometimes i wonder why do i have this kind of mind..my mind really likes to talk and commenting everything around me, even when i'm on a bus, i'm eating and even when i'm watching the movie,,and it really pisses my friends coz of my habit of commenting...but really, when i'm watching movies, it all just comes out from my mouth..geez, whether i'm guessing the story line or i'm critizising the actor or actresses and even the director..whehew..man, i really am a piece of something hahhaa..

 anyway, these are the reason why i'm makin this blog, and i'm also inspired by the people from VIVANEWS who said that when they're recruiting member to work online, they usually google the participant's name and find out all abt them in all website linked to the person's name...whehew,,another hard-way to find a job, eh..? which reminds me, the news in my country are really crowded about a KABARESKRIM Susno Duaji whose been captured not in the nice way in her way to singapore at soekarno-hatta airport.. he keeps saying about his rights being a citizen and how they're humiliating him and stuff..wew..at first the pers really having a sharp eye at susno duaji and saying that he's totally connected with all the sorruption cases in indonesia..and what about now..?? they really support him and focuses on his family and how their feelings about this..i think the pers really control the mind of the people coz what they say is what people would say and think...so who's really control the country..? is it the government or the pers..?

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