Friday, 23 January 2015

Petzie is just lucky, I guess..

Yo, what's up? This is me again, cuddling with keyboard and laptop coz outside is raining.. all day. Since morning when we wake up til night time. Whew.. Lovely day, yes, but for me who is going to Japan in two days, I have to be careful not to get any cold, and that's why my friend, the rain is not really a friend of mine this time..

So, now is the date of 23 January 2015, it's less than a week that i will be going to Japan.. with my fiancee. Man, all I've ever wished for, actually in my grasp.. waiting for me to grab it on.

Want to know the story? So here goes..

It was in November that I saw an opportunity to go to Japan for free, and we can bring a friend along. It was in WakuWaku Japan's channel that I saw one program, called ShikiOri-Ori. That channel provides a knowledge about Japan in full details and how beautiful Japan could be in a tourist's eyes. When I log-on to the website provided in the detail, it was unavailable, so I think, "Oh, it's a hoax or not really cool.."

Then, Mr. V got into a hospital, sick, something in his kidney went wrong or something. Making  me going back and forth to hospital.. Well, it's my duty and my privilege as his fiancee to take care of him and I gladly say that I did a great job. Hohoho. So, one day, when I get ready to go to hospital again, my sister's boyfriend, Edward tell me about this website, which is unexpectedly go to the previous web that I tried.

And the information regarding the competition in ShikiOri-Ori is there. It wasn't there the last time I checked, so I continue to see the policy and what I need to get that prize.
All I have to do is just watch the segment and then I write down what I think about the show and what kind of Japan do I want to visit and the term is that you and that friend must have a passport that expires more than 6 months and that we must be available for that date, no matter what.

So, looking at the term, OF COURSE I'm joining and then I take some time to watch the show before going to Mr. V's hospital again. And in the hospital, I bring my laptop and write down the summary of what I've watched. The show is basically pretty good though the explanation is too long. But overall, it's quite good.

After quite some time, December comes, Mr. V goes out from the hospital and then Christmas comes and then the day where I have to go to Phillipine to attended my cousin's wedding has come. So, there I was, with my sister, attended one of our cousin's wedding where in Phillipine it was sunny and bright and in Indonesia they had the flood and rain all day. Hahaha, gyakku da!..

One day, we just arrived in Manila, and then finally I got wi-fi (wi-fi is only available in hotels), so I check in to Path, Facebook and other social media needed. Finished with all that, I suddenly have the urge to check out my G-mail. My G-Mail setting was that the messages received will not be updated until I open the G-mail (that way, it would preserve the incoming messages and save some megabytes from the net). Along with a bunch of new e-mails, one comes from a Japanese name: Yutaro Ishii.

A Japanese name! So I opened the mail and there  I found a message containing information that yutaro san has been trying to call me several times but to no result and he messaged me to announce that I was chosen to be one of the reporter candidates to go to Japan.

...... WOW!



that "candidate" part really bugs me. So I try to calm myself down (after several times jumping around the hotel hallway) and thinking to give WakuWaku Japan a phone call regarding this e-mail.

Going home from a foreign country has never been so refreshing. I was so happy to be able to meet my one and only, and to tell him this special message I got. I phoned the WakuWaku Japan office as soon as I reach the office. I asked the person in charge about the e-mail and she told me that I really am chosen to be one of the CANDIDATE to go to Japan.

So, candidate, not yet chosen.

And therefore, comes my long waiting in the dark, not knowing whether I won or not. Mr. Yutaro gave me a call several times and confirming whether me and my partner able to go in that date and that our passport's due date is more than 6 months. I confirms again and again about our availability and that we would really be blessed if we can have that chance.

One time, Mr. V got a phone call from WakuWaku Japan. This is the first time he got a phone call regarding me joining this competition. Being asked about this and that, Mr. V confirms his availability during that date and everything is settled.

The next day, I got a phone call when I was eating ramen (for breakfast) from a tour agent regarding my passport for the making of visa. I was stunned. Oh, have I won?? I asked the tour agent but she couldn't confirm anything coz it is not in her area. She is just being told to phone several person about their passport for visa. I was so happy and feeling blessed, I hope what I think is not too much. That someone couldn't just phone several people asking for their passport when they're not even winning yet. So, reaching the office, I phone the WakuWaku office once again, telling them about a phone call from HIS travel agent asking for my passport.

And then yutaro san called me, he confirms that I am among the winner for the trip to Japan.


I screamed, I jumped, I laughed and I feel so happy. I forgot how many times have I said thank you, thank you and thank you. I can feel my face going red, I can feel my lungs longing for air and I can feel my hand trembling of joy. I asked for the exact same thing in my pray every night for a trip to Japan with Mr. V, and in this new year, God has given me the opportunity and has make my dream come true.

The rest of the days filled with happiness and excitement. I feel so excited that I lose sleep a couple nights and Mr. V and me preparing our trip with excitement of being able to see snow. Ah, snow.. Never in my wildest dream I can imagine myself seeing snowfall. I've always wonder how snowfall would look like, since I've been in a tropical country forever... God is really kind to me this upcoming year. He granted my wish not when I want it to, but when I least expect it. He is the God of Surprise, and I am grateful to be fully surrender to Him.

Before winning the trip to Japan, I've been granted a lot of fortunes such as, won the helicopter trip held by Jakarta Globe, won the blackberry in a competition held by Ikkousha Ramen, won a Nokia Lumia in a name card pick-up by Nokia and the most recent is the trip to Japan in a reporter competition held by WakuWaku Japan.

Oh, and have I mention that I am going to be a reporter while I enjoy my trip there? So, it really is like a dream come true. To be able to write about my trip for a country that I love the most.

Back to today, I still feel shocked, and feel lucky. But, then again, everybody would, wouldn't they?

H-2 to Japan....

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