Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine oh Valentine

Valentine oh Valentine..

How wonderful. The day where everyone on earth feel love and the day when everyone will feel stressed out because.. well, they just don't have anyone they can share with.

Yeah, Valentine. This is my 26th times of celebrating Valentine. Lovely, isn't it? Just when I think that maybe this year, the cupid wasn't really nice with me, it turns out that these last couple years, God has decided to bring me a match.

So, I met a match, but have I prepare anything for him? Not this year, no. Why? Well, not everyday you could be preparing for a wedding, right? And as it turns out, this year, and on this particular week, I got so busy. Busy enough that i thought cooking before D-Day was pretty okay.. Until I realize that I will be spending lots of days with him and well, no time to cook or whatsoever.

So, anyway, this Valentine, I'm not cooking anything, I ain't gonna give someone something special, but still, I gave my heart to someone special, so I think everything is in order.

Maybe that's all I could think about from Valentine.

Moving on, I'm thinking of sharing something with you guys, I had a dream lately, a dream where I have the ability to go to Japan, and leave my body behind. It's not that I'm a ghost, I am real, but my soul went ahead and visit that country, to Tokyo to be specific. And then I saw lots of things and feel soooo happy. Could you imagine, you find yourself floating and you can see it all, but you can't buy anything.. well, since you're not really there.

The feeling that I got during that weird and exciting dream was so cool that I spend too long being a ''ghost'' and forgot to go back. And there was this guy that I met there, talk to me, about how I should go back sometimes to recover my ''life''.. And at that moment, I go back straight away by closing my eyes and thinking about home.




One problem, I forgot how my home look like last time I left. So, I was kinda confused and find myself thinking hard of how I end up here and how to go home. When I was concentrating pretty hard, I end up waking up from a daydream, and Dad was the one who woke me up. I feel relieved but also a bit lonely. Coz I really want to go to Japan again, but at the same time not forgetting how to go back home. A little minutes later, I woke up from my sleep. My real sleep.

And the next thing I do, I tell someone about how great my dream was and how great I feel afterwards. A lovely way to start a day, really.

So, back to Valentine. I'm counting down to Valentine at this very moment. After mistakenly called out to Victor and say Happy Valentine to him when it's not even Valentine's Day yet, I am now looking for a way to say things to him and surprised him. hahahahha. Wish me luck!


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